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Kanji Flash   New!

Includes the Kanji Flash flashcard program, 1000 Joyo Kanji and other sample wordlists.

Windows only.

Allows you to create and view your own word lists.


Kanji Flash

Flash Card Screen

Expansion Wordlists

  • Joyo 1000-2000
  • Newspaper Compounds


Download the Demo

The Nihongo Machine Kanji Game Pack

Includes the Nihongo Machine flashcard program, the 2 games Advance and Kanji Invaders, 1000 Joyo Kanji and many other wordlists.

The Nihongo Machine



Kanji Invaders


Expansion Wordlists

  • Joyo 1000-2000
  • Newspaper Compounds


Free Wordlists

Free wordlists for use with Nihongo Machine

These wordlists have been donated by people who are studying Japanese. We have converted their data to a format that can be used by the Nihongo Machine, but they have not been edited or proofed by the people at Silent Monkey Productions. So if there are mistakes or inaccuracies, they belong to the author.

Trial Versions

Trial versions of the Nihongo Machine Kanji Game Pack for Windows and Macintosh. They contain a few wordlists and some, but not all, features of the full version of Nihongo Machine Kanji Game Pack.



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