Our goal is create the best software for studying Japanese.

Silent Monkey Productions is a truly global software company. During development the main developers, Neil Birch and Stephen Prokai, lived 8000 miles apart. Neil lived in Tokyo, and Steve lived in New York. Additional contributors were from Canada, Australia and Europe.

The software was Neil's brainchild and began in 1990, but it was Steve's persistent nagging that got these projects going again.

Neil lived in Japan for about 13 years and Steve lived there for over 5 years. We have both spent enormous amounts of time studying Japanese, but still lack the level of fluency we desire, hence the development of these software packages.

Years of difficult, painstaking labor was spent in the development of the Nihongo Machine Kanji Game Pack and this is just the beginning!

Feel free to contact us with comments and or questions. Any feedback, positive or negative goes a long way.


Neil Birch

President - Silent Monkey Productions

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