The Nihongo Machine - Nihongo Machine Screenshots
Nihongo Machine Screenshots:

Flash Card Screen
Flash Card Preferences
Load Word List
Test Screen
Test Preferences
Test Summary

Flash Card Screen:
This image shows the main Flash Card screen with all of the 6 fields in use.
(The Kanji + ? field is a variable field and its content type changes from list to list to truly optimize the power of the system. Here it is the verb with the hiragana characters replaced with a ? so when you are testing, you can not use the hiragana as a clue to the answer.)

Flash Card Preferences:
This screen shows you the parameters you can program for Flash Card Mode. Select what you see on the Front of the Card and on the Back of the Card. Set Automatic or Manual Flash Modes, decide to see Front of the Card only or Front and Back in sequence. In Automatic Mode you can set the amount of time that the Front of the Card and the Back of the Card are displayed independently.

Load Word List Screen:
When you click on the Load Word List button in the Nihongo Machine, you get this standard Windows Open File dialog box. Word Lists are kept in the same folder as the application, making for easy access and management of your Word Lists. Simply select a Word List and click open!

The Test Mode Screen:
Here you see the Nihongo Machine in Test Mode. This Test Mode screen shows a test in progress. See the Question on the left and the Answer choices on the right. See the Test Mode Preferences below.

The Test System Preferences:
These are the parameters you can select for your customized tests in Test Mode. You select one Question Type and one Answer Type then the number of Answer Choices you want to see. Notice there is a Test Timer built in.

The Test Summary Screen:
When each test is complete you are shown a summary of the test statistics. In the display on the left side you see the Question Number, the Response Time, the Slower Than Average response time warning and the Number of Incorrect Responses you had for each Question. On the right you can see each of the Questions you were given. There is a Show Answers button which displays the correct Answers. On the bottom you see additional statistics including the total elapsed test time, the average response time for the questions and the number of incorrect responses you had.

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