About Kanji Invaders

Kanji Invaders (KI) is the second in our Study Games Series (the first being Advance). The basic point of KI is to provide a fun yet seriously challenging format for studying Japanese Kanji. Using the wildly popular Space Invaders game play model, we created a game that presents the player with an easy to understand game format that will allow beginners as well as the most advanced students to help drill Kanji.

It is recommended that students use our Nihongo Machine software to become familiar with the Kanji, and then use the games to further enhance the learning process. As students ourselves we completely understand that studying Kanji can be a chore, and KI is meant to make it fun and challenging.

Please check out the demo and the rest of the site for more details about Kanji Invaders.

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Neil Birch & Steve Prokai

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