Expansion Vocabulary Wordlists:
Please note that all Expansion Vocabulary sets can now be used with all of our software. That means that if you buy an Expansion Vocabulary set, the lists can be used with the Nihongo Machine and the Kanji Game Pack which features Advance and Kanji Invaders.

1000 Newspaper Compounds:

This expansion vocabulary pack contains 1000 kanji compounds commonly found in newspapers. Each kanji record includes 6 fields of data:

1. the target kanji compound
2. the pronunciation in hiragana
3. the english meaning
4. sample Japanese sentence
5. sample Japanese sentence pronunciation
6. sample sentence English translation

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Joyo Kanji 2 (1000 - 2000):

This expansion vocabulary pack is the second 1000 joyo kanji. Each kanji record includes 6 fields of data:

1. the kanji
2. the on and kun readings
3. the english meanings
4. a sample word
5. sample word pronunciation
6. sample word English meaning

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