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Joyo Kanji 2:

This expansion vocabulary pack, for use with Advance, is the second 1000 joyo kanji. The format is the same as the first 1000 that comes with the full version of Advance. Each kanji record includes 6 fields of data:
1. the kanji
2. the on and kun readings
3. the english meanings
4. a sample word
5. sample word pronunciation
6. sample word English meaning

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Frequently Used Kanji Compounds:

This expansion vocabulary pack, for use with Advance, is 1000 Newspaper Kanji Compounds. Each target word/character in these lists contains the following data for each target word:
1. the target word
2. pronunciation
3. English meaning
4. sample sentence in normal Japanese
5. sample sentence in hiragana
6. sample sentence in English

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The Main Board (see more on the Screenshots page)

Here is a simulated animation: Clicking two adjacent tiles causes them to switch locations. If the move is legal and a set of three or more of the same tile is made, the set will disappear and the tiles above will slide down to fill the empty space. In the game, mousing over a tile causes a Kanji to appear.

See the User Guide for complete gameplay description and instructions.

Download the Demo

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