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Briefly, Advance is a game from Silent Monkey Productions (makers of The Nihongo Machine) that is designed to teach Japanese kanji while having fun in a competitve game. The gameplay is based on the wildly popular Bejeweled style matching game, so beware, it has a highly addictive nature! See the User Guide for gameplay description and instructions.

Advance comes with a set of the first 1000 Joyo kanji in 20 word lists. There are currently 2 Expansion Vocabulary sets available for Advance: 1. The second thousand Joyo and 2. 1000 Newspaper Kanji Compounds. See the Order Info page for details.

Now you get all three of our software packages bundled together for only $25!!! See the Order Page for details.

Please contact us if you have any questions or comments.

Thank you very much,

Neil Birch & Stephen Prokai

Here is a simulated animation: Clicking two adjacent tiles causes them to switch locations. If the move is legal and a set of three or more of the same tile is made, the set will disappear and the tiles above will slide down to fill the empty space. In the game, mousing over a tile causes a Kanji to appear.

See the User Guide for complete gameplay description and instructions.

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